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Passionate People - Please Join Us!

  • What does membership mean? 

    • If you have environmental or watershed protection interests, concerns, or expertise related to the Elk Creeks Watershed, your contact information will be added to an ECWA email Listserve that offers a chance to communicate with ECWA members, Board members, and other partners.

  • Is it free?

    • Currently, ECWA is a volunteer, free membership association.​

  • Do I have to live in the Elk Creeks Watershed?​

    • No​

  • What kinds of activities are held?​

    • ECWA endorses, supports, and broadcasts important information about the environmental protection issues and concerns, projects and activities among its network of members, partners and communities. ECWA may occasionally develop its own projects and recruit members and partners to participate.​

    • We hold an annual membership meeting.

  • What is ECWA's impact?​

    • ECWA's Board and active membership provides expertise, insight, and thought-leadership on the watersheds' changing landscapes, policies, and groups working to manage climate change impact in our region.​

    • ECWA has conducted watershed education outreach and activities in southern Chester County with the Oxford Area and Avon Grove School Districts, Lincoln University and other groups.

  • What type of projects is ECWA interested in knowing about and sharing with the ECWA network?​

    • We are interested in any watershed protection and/or educational activity within and related to the Elk Creeks Watershed. ECWA comments on and is involved in many County and State initiatives, as well.​


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