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Promise Love
Promise Love

Couple Rings 5 Amazing Stories About the Hand

The Story of the CoupleSets Wedding Ring Hand A Timeless Journey

The custom of wearing a wedding ring on a specific hand has an extensive and long-standing tradition. It's not only a symbol of commitment and love as well as an expression of personal and cultural beliefs. This article will explore the historical significance of the wedding ring.

In the past, in Egypt the wedding ring was believed to be an expression of love for life. Archaeologists have discovered rings on mummies dating to more than 3000 years ago. The Egyptians believed that the finger that was the ring had a particular vein known as 'Vena Amoris which was directly connected to the chest.

The Greeks and Romans later adopted the tradition and added their philosophical ideas to it. In Roman tradition the groom would present his bride a gold wedding rin…

Promise Love
Promise Love
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